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Webrew is an online Hebrew school.

We can teach you Hebrew at your home.

Our mission is to teach you Hebrew without any prior knowledge.

Our Advantage

Why Webrew?

Classes are private and live

Learning a new language is not an easy task. Webrew's goal is to make it easy for you to learn Hebrew. Our experienced teachers will privately tutor and guide you.

Webrew believes in quality

For that reason, our dedicated teachers will be there every step of the way, from your first word in Hebrew all the way to graduating Webrew Advanced.
Quality means understanding the needs of our students, and like our students, we are learning to improve our syllabus to accommodate our students.

Fun, natural, and intuitive

Our understanding is that learning needs to be fun, natural, and intuitive. Our method is simple – by mimicking the way children learn to speak, you will go through a natural learning progression. The focus is on the student's experiences with learning through fun games and associations.

Teaching in multiple languages

We have students in many exciting countries worldwide like the USA, France, Russia, Cyprus, Greece, UAE, Latin America, and more. The languages in which we teach Hebrew are English, Spanish, Russian and French.

At Webrew, we excel in giving you quality content for unbeatable prices.

Webrew Basic

This is our practical course.

It will teach you the basic rules of the Hebrew language, help you develop an extensive vocabulary, and give you the ability to have a basic conversation with the correct pronunciation.

It will give you the confidence to speak Hebrew in public.

After completing this course, expanding your Hebrew skills will be a much easier task.

Webrew Reading and Writing

Well done! the next step is our reading and writing course.

Webrew Reading and Writing will allow you to read any text in Hebrew, handwritten or printed.

Webrew Advanced

This course will boost your grammar.

With Webrew Advanced you will know every aspect of Hebrew.

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